• A Letter from Me to You

    Hi Turf Defender :)

    It's happening, 2014 is coming to an end. I've found that years don't seem to turn out how I anticipate them in the beginning but looking back they always prove to be an interesting ride.

    2014 has definitely been interesting for TORRAIN and I can’t express enough how thankful I am that you’ve been on this ride with me. You have made it possible for TORRAIN to stand strong and it’s awesome that we've taken action toward the betterment of our communities as well as the sustenance of our planet together.

  • Press Release: Travel bags with style!

    Tis the season for holidays and lots of traveling! Everyone knows that one of the most important accessories you need when traveling is a good bag—one that will hold all your things and look amazing too. Lucky for you, TORRAIN has a super chic line of bags that are not only functional and fashionable, but these bags actually help bring about change by using recycled and reused materials in each clever design!
  • Press Release: Stunning Magazine Created Clutches, Wallets & More!

    TORRAIN, the company known for creating earth conscious bags with a fashionable flair is proud to announce the launch of their newest collection of Magazine Bags in partnership with Friends-International. TORRAIN is well known for their mission of helping foster communities, and by partnering with Friends-International, an organization that reaches out to over 60,000 marginalized youth and their families, TORRAIN is able to further their mission as well as further fashion with the unique styling of Magazine Bags.

  • Torrain embarks on 2014 with new product and ambition

    This past year proved to be an incredibly successful year with trade and retail shows throughout the US. We added many new prints and styles and we just released a line of recycled magazine products at NY NOW in February 2014.

    “I was beyond excited to showcase a new line of recycled materials,” says Ms. Jano. “Magazines tend to sit unused and create so much waste. I love the opportunity to reuse them and create something useful that will last for many years.”

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