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Did you know that feed bags are so versatile!? They’re not only colorful and fun but also durable, lightweight and water-resistant! They are the perfect material to upcycle into products for travel and adventure and in turn, keep them out of landfills. Beyond feed bags, we noticed the same material being used for cement, rice, malt, wheat, grass seed, flour and more. We now source and gather these bags from various places both locally and abroad. And that’s just the outside of our bags. In addition to the exterior, our liner is made from recycled from plastic bottles!

Ethically Made Recycled Bags

Ethically Made

Recycled bags made in Portland Oregon

Designed In Portland

Torrain Recycled Bags and Upcycled Products

Recycled + Upcycled

Water resistant recycled bags by Torrain

Water Resistant

Torrain Recycled Bags are shipped in compostable packaging.

Compostable Packaging

Torrain recycled bags is a woman owned business.

Woman Owned

I am a fan! This is my 5th item and it didn’t disappoint! Love the quality and the fact that every item is recycled materials. Definitely a happy customer! 😊

Wonderful go bag. Obsessed with it!

This sling bag is the perfect everyday bag or travel bag. The storage space is way more than I thought it had. Quality is amazing! Love it!

I absolutely adore this! I spent a long time hunting for a yoga bag that was practical and stylish, but still sustainably made. This bag exceeds my expectations so far and I can’t wait to take it to class this week! Only thing to note is due to the nature of the bags being up-cycled, they may feel a little weird at first. Still worth it and would buy again!

These recycled bags are exactly what I was looking for! We need them for transporting canned quart jars to our daughters and then for them to return the empty jars. The quality of the bags is exceptional; they are very sturdy and beautifully made. The easy to clean fabric lining on the inside is beautiful as well. When I reached out to the maker asking questions about the products, photos were shared and my questions were answered.