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Press Release: Stunning Magazine Created Clutches, Wallets & More!

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TORRAIN, the company known for creating earth conscious bags with a fashionable flair is proud to announce the launch of their newest collection of Magazine Bags in partnership with Friends-International. TORRAIN is well known for their mission of helping foster communities, and by partnering with Friends-International, an organization that reaches out to over 60,000 marginalized youth and their families, TORRAIN is able to further their mission as well as further fashion with the unique styling of Magazine Bags.


The Magazine Bags are made from real pages of used Cambodian newspapers and magazines and then laminated together with recycled melted plastic. These bags are truly unique and beautiful in addition to being socially and environmentally conscious. You can actually see the authentic newsprint or magazine pages in the final design, whether you choose a checkered, striped rolled or newsprint design. The lamination process helps to ensure that each bag or wallet will continue to look just as good years from now as it does today.

Magazine Large File Messenger

The Magazine Large File Messenger is available in either a Magazine Stripe or Rolled Magazine design, each completely unique. This roomy bag is perfect for carrying files to and from meetings or homework assignments around campus making it the perfect gift for the college student or literary friend on your gift list.


The Magazine Pocket Wallet is such an inspired design that can be used inside one of the larger bags for a wallet or as a standalone wallet when you only need to bring a few items along. With a choice of three patterns: Checkered Magazine, that features a unique pattern of woven magazine page strips, Magazine Stripe featuring stripes of colorful magazines or Newsprint which is a solid piece of simple and authentic newsprint from Cambodia, there is a pattern that is sure to be a hit with anyone.


TORRAIN exists to help others and the environment. Sothea Yung, a young woman from Cambodia decided to take action in her community when she saw that the local farmers in her area were living in poverty as well as toxic environments. Sothea decided to start purchasing discarded materials and recycling them into beautiful bags with the help of those in her local community. TORRAIN is the combination of “terrain” and “to rain” symbolizing that when change must happen sometimes a little rain must fall. It represents the rise and fall of new products becoming old and then new again through recycling and reuse. 


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