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Biggest Storm in Decades

Posted by Bold Apps on
Biggest Storm in Decades

2017 has already taken us by serious storm... In the midst of our grim political and social reality, mama earth has also been serving us a gigantic pownding all over the country!

We've spent the last couple weeks chasing long-awaited snow storms out west with TORRAIN bags in tow and it's definitely not over yet. The experience has been unreal... 20 feet snowbanks and plenty of fun yet respect to be had 🙏🏼 Along our journey, a ski patroller passed away during avalanche control trying to protect us. We are sending our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. What a tragic reminder of how fragile our lives are, left in the hands of the greater forces surrounding us.

As we've been deep in snow, we're also deep in trade show season and on the greatest level, deep in the considerable social challenges we face and the direct pain that will follow. There hasn't been a protest movement like this in decades. The American Civil Liberties Union raised more than $24 million last weekend alone... outstanding compared to the $3.5 million in the entirety of 2015! It's heartening to see such mobilization but unfortunately this is only the beginning. This fight is real and our greatest hope and power lies in our continuous #UNITY ~~~ In our dedication to sustainable products and to fostering the well-being of communities, we are continuing to donate a portion of sales to the Clean Water Fund and currently, to Syrian refugees. For those who don't know, I am 100% second generation Syrian. I've expressed this in prior posts and there will be many more.

Much ❤️  to all of you... Defend Your Turf.

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