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Defending Your Turf

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Defending Your Turf

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair ~ Kahlil Gibran

What does TORRAIN’s tagline, Defend Your Turf, mean? As we continue to destroy our atmosphere with waste, it’s possible that earth can ultimately prevail. But can we? We stand by the belief that the resources we need as humans to survive on this planet are finite. If the motivation to save our planet is not enough, we hope to inspire others to preserve the world that is habitable to humans and to other living creatures.

Do you ever think that all the hostility we feel is just a distraction, to drive our own egos? Why can’t we look at the stranger on the bus with as much love as we look at our best friend? After all, we are in essence all the same; we have beating hearts, experience the same emotions, and embody the same spirit… only living different stories. Why is the news bombarded with negative words instead of inspiring ones? Our tagline, Defend Your Turf, is intended to inspire respect, love and preservation. Respect for your land, stranger and friend. It is meant to remind our customers to be kind to our planet and to each other everyday.

Upon seeing the positive attitude and communal efforts of the Cambodian people in light of their utter hardship and environmental waste, we felt what it means to defend our world and our people. We must look out for each other, while in turn respecting the ground we stand on. Our past blog post gave some great ideas of little things we can do in each of our lives to better our world.

Remind your friends of the importance of becoming less wasteful, smiling and treating our own bodies with love and respect! Let Defend Your Turf drive you to be more conscience in every aspect of your life. Set intention and let passion drive you.

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