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Handle Your Summer with TORRAIN!

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Handle Your Summer with TORRAIN!

To put it simply, summer seems to be the easiest time of year ~ light clothes, light meals, light attitudes! 

As far as living in Portland Oregon goes I would say that summer is the best season. The sun shines, the rain stops, folks emerge and we are surrounded by epic nature in all directions, leaving little to be desired and no shortage of things to do. When I think of summer in Portland I think bike rides, hikes, floating the river, days on the coast, music, BBQs, potlucks, birthday parties, and any other excuse to hang out outside. As a member of the TORRAIN team, I would like to share the ways I use my favorite bags that are perfect for my favorite summer time activities.

In thinking about how a typical summer day would start, for me I go running. It’s cooler in the morning and it’s good to get that exercise in before the distracting summer weather and social activities steer you off your exercise course. The fanny pack is perfect for this; it fits your keys, an ID or some money and your phone and earbuds so you can run off with all the important stuff you need strapped right to your body.

On that exercise tip… biking to yoga (and back of course) is such an awesome feeling, especially when the weather is so inspiring. I have to admit I’m a bit of a fair-weather biker in the rainy season but in the summer I really can’t stand any other mode of transportation. I love our yoga bag because its just big enough to roll up my yoga mat, with my towel, and stash my water bottle so I can bike to class easily with everything I need. It’s also great to cruise past all the cars stuck in traffic and actually make it to class on time!

The barrel tote and the large square tote are ideal all-purpose bags. They are great for day trips to the river, a picnic in the park, all those constant stops at New Seasons (our local grocery store) for things to snack on and grill, or even a change of cloths when you know you won’t have time to go home before the evening sets in. They are also water resistant and durable, so they can handle the occasional spill and the inevitable soaking that are guarantees of summer time activity.

No matter your schedule this summer, TORRAIN's got you covered.  And not only will our products help keep you organized while you're active and on the go, but you can also feel good knowing that your purchases directly benefit our artisans in Cambodia.  So grab your bag and get your adventure ON!  Defend Your Turf!




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