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Recent Trade Shows: A Review

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Enjoying the Trade Show!

What a raging month of hustling!

We exhibited at two shows in February: (1) The POOLTRADESHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada, and (2) The San Francisco International Gift Fair (SFIGF). We are still catching up!

Both shows were a great success. I am continuously astounded by how much social media jives with in-person sales these days. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up!

It’s also been wild to see how wide our reach is. TORRAIN appeals to groceries, boutiques, skate and surf shops, museums, bookstores, yoga studios. The buzz is real!

In the midst of our travels, we had the chance to visit a couple of our retailers, so it was truly a well-rounded trip of friends, work, good food, and perfect weather. We even fit in some exercise and enjoyed a dreamy day at the beach to unwind.

New trade shows are being launched annually to keep the vibe alive, but the truth is that they all seem to be dwindling in size. Most boutiques are now discovering brands through Instagram and other online sources, rather than by attending trade shows - and it's becoming more noticeable. So it’s really no big surprise that social media ad spending has surpassed non-mobile spending at this point.

But we still feel that being on the trade show floor is just as important as building an online and mobile community. We can’t deny how exhilarating it was to be in the presence of fresh ideas and new brands at POOLTRADESHOW/MAGIC in Vegas. And the sophisticated gift buyers in San Francisco were a breath of fresh air!

In wake of both shows, we are proud to say that we have established multiple new retailers in the US and Canada. Everyone we met was so enthusiastic about the direction we are headed, and we can’t wait to nurture these new relationships!

Be sure to check the ‘Where to Buy’ link on our website to stay updated on stores near you that are now carrying TORRAIN. They include Mountain Maven in Big Sky, Montana; Adrenaline Van City in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada; and Anonymous LA in Los Angeles, California.

Whether it's through spending time among our buyers at shows, or networking in cyberspace, we’re keeping the dream alive and making an impact from the ground up. We’re also looking forward to new projects and collaborations in the months to come.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can change the world

~ Nyla


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