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Ways Culture Inspires

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Ways Culture Inspires

This is an invitation to stop swallowing the art in your mouth. This is an invitation to stop ripping yourself apart. This is an invitation to be a live nude. Let them draw you dirty, flawed and glistening. This is an invitation to your opening. ~ Lauren Zuniga

Beyond the drama of the records we can play over and over in our heads, lies an infinite world of inspiration. There is so much to explore from the culture we’ve created within our homes, the world beyond our doorstep and even within ourselves… especially when we’re upset or bored. Of course I’d love to feel inspired all the time but, the truth is, I just don’t. Being bored can pose a true challenge; to just sit with your feelings with integrity and get to the root of them. To witness your thoughts, to ask where they come from, to see them based on fear… of what? To see that you’re creating unnecessary drama, and finally to feel that in this moment we are only alive and should be so curious.

It’s times like this when turning inward can be just as powerful as sitting next to the ocean or staring at the sky. Many times, it takes change or hardship to feel alive again.

The inspiration that we have access to in our homes through books, movies, music and hobbies can feed a tremendous curiosity, while exploring the art, people and sounds of a society can exercise different muscles, offer clarity, wonder and the desire to keep exploring the vastness of it all.

Style is one thing that has always fascinated me, especially in new places. Traditional garb as well as new fashion. I am usually inspired to find exciting pieces and to add zest to my wardrobe while traveling. It’s interesting to see how certain cultures are more refined in their style which, is woven through their demeanor while others are more casual and liberal. Japan is an example of the dichotomy of both a wild style, especially in the roots of the Harujuku, and a more structured way of life. However, the way they assemble their outfits is still polished and calculated. Spain (and Portland) on the other hand has a loose and liberal way of wearing clothes and living their lives. I like to think that we live like europeans in Portland - lifestyle first, work second ;) When I travel to more rural areas I tend to reflect on my role in this life and how I can create more of an impact. Art and music also provide endless inspiration. The variety of paintings, sculptures and photography from place to place is so compelling. Even the pop culture in our own country inspires humor and talent. Music and being in motion, to me, is what really sets me free and makes me feel confident and creative. A favorite at TORRAIN is African or Middle eastern drums as well as Cumbia. Amadou and Miriam are great African bands while Andres Landero is awesome Cumbian group!

What are ways that culture inspires you in your own life?

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