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TORRAIN embarks on 2014 with new product and ambition

Posted by TORRAIN Recycled Bags on
TORRAIN embarks on 2014 with new product and ambition

This past year proved to be an incredibly successful year with trade and retail shows throughout the US. We added many new prints and styles and we just released a line of recycled magazine products at NY NOW in February 2014.

“I was beyond excited to showcase a new line of recycled materials,” says Ms. Jano. “Magazines tend to sit unused and create so much waste. I love the opportunity to reuse them and create something useful that will last for many years.”

We are currently working on one of our most exciting projects yet. We've been collecting farm feed bags from local farms, feed stores and co-ops to create a US-made line of products that will be produced here in Portland, OR! One of the manufacturers we are working with is a long standing friend and now business partner, Black Star Bags.

We hope to release this new line in August 2014 at the POOLTRADESHOW in Las Vegas. 

In the meantime we are busy getting Spring orders out and planning our summer shows and festivals! Our next appearance will be at the talent-filled world of Crafty Wonderland here in Portland on May 10th. Stop by and say hi if you're around and stay tuned for more shows to come! 

Happy Spring!

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