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Jusoor Ramadan Campaign

Posted by Nyla Jano on
Jusoor Ramadan Campaign
If you’ve been following our journey, you know that TORRAIN has deep roots in Syria. Our founder’s parents immigrated from Syria to the US in the early 70s and met one another in Detroit, MI, where they settled and raised their three children. Fun fact: the design of our last liner was influenced by the pattern on Middle Eastern scarves.

Jusoor is currently running a special campaign for Ramadan. TORRAIN has made a donation and we want to continue spreading the world. This NGO has the potential to change the course of children's lives. 
"Jusoor (meaning "bridges" in Arabic) is an international NGO that is currently running a campaign to provide Syrian refugees in Lebanon with an education." 

$500 gives the gift of education to a child for an entire year
$100 keeps a classroom warm for a month
$50 helps feed a classroom for a month

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