• Press Release: Stunning Magazine Created Clutches, Wallets & More!

    TORRAIN, the company known for creating earth conscious bags with a fashionable flair is proud to announce the launch of their newest collection of Magazine Bags in partnership with Friends-International. TORRAIN is well known for their mission of helping foster communities, and by partnering with Friends-International, an organization that reaches out to over 60,000 marginalized youth and their families, TORRAIN is able to further their mission as well as further fashion with the unique styling of Magazine Bags.

  • The Momentum of 2013 launches us into our Third Year of Business

    March is a special month. Not only have we launched our new website but it is founder Nyla Jano's birthday month as well as TORRAIN's second year anniversary! We are happy to report that we could not be sitting in a prettier place! All of our developing, showcasing and getting the word out over these past two years has resulted in a great response that continues to intensify daily. The start of 2013 has already been incredible and we can only imagine that it will get better.

    We kicked the...

  • Back to Where It All Began

    Nyla's back from Cambodia, woohoo! We're sure it was amazing and inspiring, a full update coming soon... stay posted!

    And as always, Defend Your Turf! 


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