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Merging Style & Function with a Global Conscience

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Merging Style & Function with a Global Conscience

The design team at TORRAIN spends a good deal of time meditating on ways to infuse value into our products. What do we mean by value? Most companies translate value as monetary worth. And yes, a successful business cannot sustain itself without revenue. But in no way is our idea of value static. 

Discussing value from a purely financial standpoint, well frankly, it bores us.

When we talk about value we talk about its deeper implications. We engage in passionate exchanges that explore perceptions of value in terms of desires, beliefs, and intentions. We want you to feel a sense of personal style. We believe in reliably functional products. We intend to magnify an aura of global consciousness.

We value style. We use style as a visual reference of self-expression. It shows the world how we perceive ourselves and how we wish to be perceived. TORRAIN understands personal styles are inherently unique (especially in Portland!) and strives to create products that incorporate diverse colors, patterns, and images that can accentuate your expansive personality tastes.

We value function. While looking downright amazing never hurts, we think you look the best doing what you love. Are you a yoga goddess? Check out our yoga mat bags. Can’t stop climbing? Let us hook you up with our chalk bags. Always on the go? We’ve got you covered. TORRAIN is constantly drumming up ways to design bags that better accommodate your lifestyle needs, no matter what they may be.

We value global consciousness. Honestly, we can’t think of anything more stylish or functional than global consciousness. Consumerism has taken its toll on our natural environment. The quality of our land, air, and water is declining more every day and, as a result, our world is struggling to merely sustain itself. Our commitment to upcycling showcases our desire to impress functionality into our products, and into our world at large.

In short, we believe that style is more of an attitude than a fashion statement. And global consciousness looks sexy on everyone.

At the very heart of TORRAIN lies our deep sense of responsibility to create a strong connection between people, culture, and the environment.  And that is what’s valuable to us. What do you value?

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