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10 Year Anniversary!!!

Posted by Nyla Jano on
TORRAIN Recycled Bags: Presents 10 year Anniversary, Portland, Oregon

WOWEEEE! It’s our TEN YEAR Anniversary! What a crazy ten years it's been! Whether you just started following us or you've been a fan for a long time, we are so grateful for your support. 

Over the past ten years, TORRAIN has:

  • Repurposed 17,768 plastic bags and kept them out of landfills
  • Donated over $4000 to non-profits since implementing our 1:1 initiative in 2019
  • Provided employment for over 20 families in Cambodia
  • Recycled 20, 948 plastic bottles into fabric

In honor of our anniversary, we have unleashed a small-batch limited series of printed apparel! We collaborated with five different artists to interpret what 'Defend Your Turf' means to them.  What they came up with is so fun, and we are so excited to share this with y’all. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Holly White:

Holly is an illustrator from Denver, Colorado.  Her preferred illustration styles are pen and ink, watercolor, and digital mediums and her favorite subjects include botanica, wildlife, mapping, and pattern studies. Her art is a reflection of daily observations, often comparing the similarities in human and non-human life experiences.  Holly is also an avid printmaker and mom to a sweet lion cat.  When she's not working or crafting, Holly can often be found camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Annabelle Golden loves to draw the mountains and outdoors. She loves to spend time outside, to travel and to see other parts of the world, and she love taking photos to document and remember all of her adventures. Most of Annabelle's work consists of graphic illustrations with an aim to capture vivid and vibrant landscapes.

Annabelle is passionate about environmental and social justice and other issues impacting the environment. She is always reading and trying to learn new things about environmental advocacy, environmental justice, and personal and collective sustainability. "I hope that as I cultivate my artistic style and voice I can continue to create art that amplifies these important ideas that I value."

Paula Champagne: 

Paula Champagne is a Visual Storyteller specializing in video, documentary photography, illustration, and graphic design. For over 10 years, Paula lived in Boston developing visual narratives for non-profits and mission-driven organizations. She received an MS in Leadership and Communications from Boston College, strengthened her connection with the outdoors in the Wobanadenok (White Mountains, New Hampshire), and started freelancing full-time. After falling in love with the lush foliage in the Pacific Northwest, Paula Champagne moved cross-country to Portland, Oregon—where she currently resides with her spouse and their pup named Bojack.

Paula’s work communicates authentic human experiences. She seeks to capture the beauty in honest moments and to highlight stories that are traditionally unsung. Inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors, her most recent projects explore and honor the healing intersection of Blackness, nature, and rest.

Caitlin Robinson:

Caitlin Robinson has been a graphic designer and illustrator for 12 years. She hsa also been OUR graphic designer for 7 years so naturally, she was our first pick ;) Caitlin loves getting away from the computer to find inspiration with her hands. In her downtime, you'll find her sketching, painting, sewing, printing, dying, and quilting (not all at the same time). Since moving to the PNW 6 years ago and falling in love with the outdoors again, she's made sustainable living more of a priority. "Because of my newfound passion for protecting the Earth, working with TORRAIN was a natural fit."

Dom the Mad Artist/ Project Creative:

Lost in translation. Breaking the physics of time and space. Project Creative Northwest is ran and operated by self-taught creative Dominic Harris known as Domthemadartist. Birthed in Portland, Oregon, Dominic has done art shows, exhibitions, murals and design works all over the PNW & beyond. 


In the next ten years, TORRAIN hopes to:

  • Source more sustainable materials
  • Collaborate with more ethical brands
  • Fully offset our carbon footprint
  • Fundraise and educate as much as we can
  • Provide more opportunities for you to "Defend your Turf" 


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