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September 2014 Newsletter

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Hi Friends,

It’s September – birthday month for one of the team members and that time of the year when fall creeps up on us. The mornings are cooler (perfect for that morning run!) and leaves are even starting to change into their pretty fall colors. At TORRAIN, we love the changing of seasons. Experiencing all four seasons is one of the special things we love about Portland. But as the cold weather becomes more apparent, we try our best to be more conscience of our carbon footprint. Heating and driving has been proven to have a big impact on our climate.


We recently learned that air conditioning and heating account for almost half of electricity use in the average American home. If you have a fireplace, enjoy it. It is so satisfying to cuddle up in front of a fire with a warm drink and a book. Our worlds’ resources are limited and we should try our best to be sustainable.


Along with fall comes our studio opening for store hours. Hours where you can walk in, feel and try on the bag that caught your eye! If you live in the Portland area or happen to find yourself here, please stop in! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to find out the hours.


Our long awaited US line and new fall prints will be available online at the end of the month. Check our Instagram for some sneak peaks! If you were not following us already, it would greatly improve your feed if you started :) @TORRAINRECYCLEDBAGS. Also, keep an eye out for some great fall sales! Instagram is a great resource for that as well.


If you are a store, remember that you can now order wholesale directly online. All you need to do is register at the top right corner of our webpage – Online shopping made easy – of course!


More crazy exciting news (news that another team member is incredibly envious of) -- our owner/designer Nyla will be heading to Morocco at the end of the month… a business endeavor or pleasure? We’ll keep you guessing but it is possible that new textiles and communities are on the horizon. Look out for some fun travel photos via Instagram and Facebook.


Life for TORRAIN becomes more exciting as the days continue on! We are so happy that you have joined us on this journey.


“Let us live the beauty of our own reality” ~ Tom Robbins








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